Sede legale: Ex Convento di Santa Cristina - Via del Piombo 5/7 - 40124

Orlando was formed in the mid-seventies by a group of women, active in different fields, who shared the experience of feminism and women’s movements. Orlando’s mission was intended to design and build, in agreement with the Municipality of Bologna, the Center for Documentation, Research and Women’s Initiative of the city, a public institution that is nowadays still managed by Orlando under multi-year framework programmes. In 1983 Orlando became a non-profit cultural association and from 10.03.2002 it entered the Registry of Legal Persons at the Prefecture of Bologna (no. 102 Vol. 1 p. 144).

The Association aims at empowering and disseminating women’s subjectivity and experience and at promoting equitable relations between women and men. Orlando is engaged in: the design and promotion of gender policies, in experimenting with innovative methods for citizenship and full participation of men and women, in operations against discrimination and male violence against women, in the provision of cultural services, in developing gender-sensitive technologies, in the promotion of reading, the preservation of gender based archival and librarian materials, in supporting women’s shelters and anti-violence centres in Italy and abroad. Orlando’s activities are often conducted within a dense and extensive network of allies and partners, at the national and international level, and through the participation in European projects.